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Modella Makeup Bag

This is a fabulous modella makeup bag! The materials are high quality and the color is very proud. It great for carrying all your makeup items with you.

Modella Makeup Bags

I’m a big fan of makeup bags! They’re always small and thin and make me look more professional, which is my goal. I like to take my time with my makeup and don’t put all the pieces in one bag. Plus, they make it easy for me to find what I need when I need it. if you’re looking for a bag that will make your makeup look more professional, then I recommend the purse by modella. It’s small and black, which is perfect for my don't-have-time lifestyle. The bag also has a lot of different pockets and compartments, so I can easily find what I need. Plus, it’s stylish and will make a great addition to your look.

Modella Black Makeup Bag

This black makeup bag is perfect for carrying your cosmetics in when you are out and about. The pouf makes it feel like a real bag, and the water repellent pulchritude of the fabric makes it easy to keep your bag clean and organized. this multicolored make-up bag is perfect for taking along with you on your travels. It has two pouches that are beautiful morello fabrics. The 3 in 1 floral pouches can hold any color make-up while on your road trip. This bag is also comfortable to carry because of the three-season rain cover. this modella makeup bag set is perfect for when you need an extra item in your suitcase. The bag has a spacious size for holding all of your make-up needs. The bag is made of durable materials that will not cause any problems over time. This bag is a great addition to your suitcase for when you need an extra item for your belongings. the modella weekender bag makeup cosmetics is the perfect way to take your makeup to the next level. This bag has two compartments to store your makeup, as well as a third compartment for carrying snacks and such. The bag is also made of durable materials that will never let you down.