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Makeup Bag Mirror

Making your appearance refreshed and to-the-point is what we focus on at makeup bag mirror. Made from recycled cotton, this bag has a stylish pan-top that can be used for all types of cosmetic tasks. From make-up to haircare, this bag has everything you need to make your appearance look great.

Makeup Bag With Mirror


Small Makeup Bag With Mirror

This small makeup bag with mirror is perfect for carrying all the makeup you need when you go out. The bag isihilation in two colors - floral and code black. The floral bag measures in at about 2 inches wide x 10 inches long and has more straps to keep it in place. The black bag measures 2 inches wide x 10 inches long and has more straps to keep it in place. The bag ismentation in two colors - floral and code black. This mirror makeup bag is perfect for taking your makeup to the next level! It has a small, but deep account space so you can keep all your makeup fluid, tools, and products. The organizational area is perfect for organizing all your makeup in one place. The v-shaped organizational pocket is perfect for keeping your passport, credit card, or other essentials close by. The lava material is durable and sturdy, making it perfect for daily use. the clinique pink diamonds makeup bag is a great way to reflect on your looks and style. The mirror is a great amenity for those who are looking to add a new look to their identity. This bag comes with a lot of makeup bags, is a great everyday bag, or a travel bag. this is a perfect little bag to take your makeup to and from the shower. It is made of sturdy materials and is beautiful country green rose mirror. It has a make up baggy and is perfect for carrying your clothes, tools and more. The travel pouches on the outside is full of mirror, so you can see what you're looking at. And the country green makes it look beautiful as well!